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Here at THE COACH We are passionate about the lads and how they can easily get academic excellence with prolific transition to having top professional careers i.e Medicine, Engineering, Health Sciences, Accounting, Economics, Law etc.
So many students career dreams were cut short from attaining full potential simply because some had poor background in one or two subjects right from secondary school and this is no fault of the student.
Some students also have to write WAEC and JAMB examinations for several years before they could make simple credits to aid their admission into the university.
This does not in any way imply our wards are poor in reasoning or understanding but sometimes these kids need a more elaborative and definitive approach to teaching and learning.
These kids get deficient in certain subjects not because they are dull but maybe they want to hear the subject explained in arrays from a different perspective.
Our course syllabus and training would be catering majorly for senior secondary school (SS1 – SS3) students as we believe it is at this stage successful careers are being formed.
We would also be having special classes for students writing JAMB and WAEC Examinations Our taught subjects include

  • Further Mathematics
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Economics
  • Government

We pride our training and brand on the testimonies of our students. The results are there in the offering and it speaks for itself. However, here is a few of what THE COACH brings to the table.

  • Guaranteed A’s Success in internal and external Examinations.
  • Training handled by top career professionals in each respective field. Engineers, Doctors, IT experts etc.
  • Student mentorship for easy career transitioning.
  • Serene and air cooled environment to aid learning.
  • Modern training system and techniques i.e Projectors, Power point slides, White boards etc.
  • Fluid training delivery to ease learning.
  • Subjects training in line with SSS, WAEC, NECO, JAMB syllabus.
  • Affordable cost.