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Kobotoolbox + Survey Forms + API

Instantly deploy your survey project with ODKServ

Introducing ODKServ

A Comprehensive Survey Package

We are thrilled to introduce ODKServ, a robust and all-encompassing bundled Enterprise Data Collection Service offered by Datanet Stracon. ODKServ is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline data collection processes, enhance survey form design, enable seamless API integration, and provide comprehensive training and support.

  • Kobotoolbox Integration: ODKServ incorporates the powerful features of Kobotoolbox, empowering your organization to collect, manage, and analyze data effortlessly. This tool offers a user-friendly interface, enabling efficient data collection even in remote or challenging environments - online and offline.
  • Web-based Survey Form Design: With ODKServ, we develop web-based survey form design platform that simplifies the creation of survey forms. This intuitive interface allows for easy customization, ensuring that your data collection forms meet the specific needs of your projects.
  • XLSForm for Form Design: Our service provides compatibility with XLSForm, offering flexibility and ease of use in designing survey forms. This familiar format simplifies the form creation process, allowing your team to quickly adapt and deploy surveys as needed.
  • API Endpoint Configuration: ODKServ enables seamless integration into your existing applications through API endpoints. This functionality facilitates the smooth transfer of data between systems, ensuring a cohesive data ecosystem within your organization.
  • One Year of Comprehensive Training and Support: Alongside the Service, Datanet Stracon is committed to providing your team with thorough training and support for an entire year. Our experts will guide your staff through the implementation process, ensuring that you leverage ODKServ to its fullest potential.

Pricing: ODKServ, bundled with all its features and a year of dedicated support, is available at an exclusive price of Two Million, One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (2,150,000) Naira Only.

Advantages of ODKServ Over Standalone ODK Tools:
  • Comprehensive Solution: ODKServ is an all-in-one solution, eliminating the need to procure and manage multiple tools separately.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Bundling Kobotoolbox, survey form design features, API integration, training, and support into a single package offers significant cost savings compared to purchasing these elements individually.
  • Seamless Integration: The ability to configure API endpoints ensures smooth integration with your existing applications, fostering data cohesion across your organization.
  • Expert Guidance: Our dedicated training and support team will empower your staff to maximize the potential of ODKServ, minimizing downtime and optimizing efficiency from day one.

At Datanet Stracon, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that empower your organization to thrive in the data-driven landscape. ODKServ is a testament to our commitment to excellence in simplifying and enhancing data collection processes.

For further inquiries on ODKServ, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Keep your project domain confidential

Protect and preserve your data

We offer a specialized service in Private Domain Registration, tailored specifically for esteemed organizations such as public health institutions and NGOs seeking enhanced privacy and protection for their domain names. Our service is designed to provide a secure and confidential registration process, safeguarding your domain from public visibility while ensuring seamless integration with your on-premise hosted applications.

Features of Private Domain Registration:

Enhanced Privacy: Our Private Domain Registration service ensures that your domain details, including contact information, are shielded from public WHOIS databases. This privacy measure protects your organization from unsolicited inquiries, spam, and potential security risks associated with public domain visibility.

Confidentiality Protection: We prioritize the confidentiality of your organization's information by providing alternate contact details in the WHOIS directory, maintaining the privacy of your actual domain owner's details.

Proxy Service: We act as your domain proxy, enabling communication between your organization and external parties while preserving your anonymity. This service prevents your sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands and shields your organization from potential threats.

Customizable Settings: Our Private Domain Registration service offers customizable settings, allowing you to control the level of privacy and disclosure as per your organization's preferences. You can adjust privacy settings while ensuring the necessary visibility required for legitimate purposes.

Seamless Integration with On-Premise Hosted Applications: We ensure the smooth transition from an IP address to a private domain, pointing your domain accurately to your on-premise hosted applications. This integration simplifies access for your stakeholders while maintaining the desired level of confidentiality.

Advantages of Private Domain Registration:

Protection Against Identity Theft: By concealing your organization's information, our service mitigates the risk of identity theft and unauthorized access to your sensitive data.

Maintaining Professionalism: Private Domain Registration enables your organization to maintain a professional online presence without compromising confidentiality, crucial for institutions dealing with sensitive information.

Enhanced Security: Protecting your domain from public exposure significantly reduces the risk of malicious activities, safeguarding your organization's online assets and reputation.

Compliance and Trust: For organizations bound by strict regulatory requirements or dealing with sensitive matters, Private Domain Registration ensures compliance while instilling trust among stakeholders.

At Datanet Stracon, we understand the importance of privacy and security in today's digital landscape. Our Private Domain Registration service offers a robust solution tailored to meet the unique needs of organizations prioritizing confidentiality while leveraging digital platforms for their operations. Trust us to safeguard your domain's privacy, ensuring a secure and professional online presence for your institution.

For further inquiries on Private Domain Management, please do not hesitate to contact us at